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Google Play Gift Card (US) is the most convenient method to get all your preferred Android apps, videos, books, games and shows all from a single source. Quickly available, direct for your computer or Android device. Best of all, Google Play Gift Card (US) never expire, so buy your Google Play Gift Card (US) online now at Gsm-Flash store and enjoy your content on both the web and your Android phone or tablet today.


The ways to redeem a Google Play Gift Card (US) very straight forward, you start by accessing the Google Play store, then seek out the app or item you want and find a drop down menu that indicate a “Redeem” payment method option. You’ll then see your updated Google Play balance.

eGift Card refund policy

Gift card code comes from Google, For that we do not offer refund of any kind. refund is only effective if the code is not found.

Why choosing Us to buy Google Play eGift Card

As part of our visions to balance between quality and price, Gsm-Flash bring most wanted digital products from trusted suppliers and source, For that Google Play eGift Card come directly from Google company server with the most suitable price for you.


  • This product is applicable for Google Play US store in English with US IP Address ONLY. It is NOT redeemable for Google Play accounts created in other countries than United States.
  • Violation of Google Play Gift Cards’ Terms of Service will result in CODE DEACTIVATION without prior notice. Kindly ensure the posting address, IP Address and account settings are in line.

Possibility for no covered countries

we give this solution because we believe that everyone deserve to get exclusive services on Google Play Store.

use it on your own risque, we are not responsible for any issue maybe happen.

How to change my Google Play payment address?

It’s very simple, just follow these few steps:

  • Disable your VPN, if you use a VPN, your Google payment profile may deactivate and you will no longer be able to use the Gift Card.
  • In the Play Store app, go to “Payment methods” then tap on “Other payment settings”, you will be redirected to the site “
    Tap on “Add a payment method“.
  • Enter a random number in the “Card Number” box, find plenty of credit card number sites by searching on Google, and enter the expiration date and CVC number.
  • Enter an American address if you wish to use the cards in American ($). You will find address generators by searching on Google, Do not forget the postal code, it’s very important.
  • Tap “Save”, you’ll get an error message because the credit card number is incorrect, but the address has been saved, so you can use your Google Play recharge card.


  • If you choose to put an American address, it is better to put an address in Alaska to avoid paying additional taxes during your purchases.
  • If you have multiple payment profiles on your account, make sure you close all of them and keep a single one (the one with the US), to close a google payment profile just go to :, select the payment profile in the menu on the left, then click on “Settings”. At the bottom of the page click on the link: Close the payment profile.


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