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dm-verity verification failed Samsung galaxy devices

dm-verity verification failed on Samsung galaxy smartphones and tablets all facts

What is DM-verify?

dm-verity verification failed error message often appears on a Samsung device when a user attempts to make firmware changes or root device or unlock boot-loader and the operating system security deems it as unsafe. With added security to safeguard Samsung smartphone owners from modding their software, these kinds of issues are becoming more of a concern.

For that you will lose control on your device, because you damaged phone security

Essentially, your phone will be ‘soft-bricked’ when you receive this error. You won’t be able to use it at all and all normal functionality will cease. Follow the guide below to fix the issue on your Galaxy device.

What cause DM-verify verification failed?

  • Downgrade OS version.
  • Install Custom rom not compatible with the current android version.
  • Root phone, will void guarantee by unlocking boot-loader.
  • Try to unlock network using custom recovery and patch files.

How to fix DM-verify verification failed?

Fixing this problem is not easy as you think; it need a good knowledge and technical skill. Bear in mind that if a solution works for one device, does not mean it will work for all devices. below a list of some possible solutions in your hand:


Time to time phone companies develop the Operation System security, to prevent users from messing around with their phones by pricking privacy especially Samsung company because it add payment technology to the phone system; so it is matter of time for closing all potential loopholes which void securities.

If you do not wont headache do not try any illegal acts may void personal privacy.

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