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Install Spreadtrum usb drivers (SCI Usb2Serial)

To properly install speadtrum usb drivers, we will present you two methods to connect spd devices to computer (auto and manual installaion), all methods support windows xp, vista, windows 7, windows 8, 8.1 and windows 10.


  1. this tutorial is for SPD smartphone which contains spreadtrum chipset.
  2. A Laptop or Computer to perform driver installation.
  3. The correct drivers, downoad it from Software & Tools.
  4. Make sure not to skip any line, read tutorial guide carefully.
  5. GSM-FLASH team is not responsible for any error you get while installation.

Method one: Spd drivers auto installation

Generic SPD drivers allow you to install all necessary known boot modes for spreadtrum drivers such as fastboot, adb, mtp, usb2serial; In most case the drivers.exe will fail to install SCI Usb2Serial which are important drivers to connect phone in flash or repair mode, for that you can try method two.

Step 1. First, Download the SPD USB Drivers

Step 2. Then extract file of the Driver.

Step 3. Now run the DPInst.exe as administrator, a new windows pop-up, just follow instructions..

Step 4. After you finish installation, restart your PC.

Step 5. Connect spd device in download mode, If your Windows automatically installs the drivers then you do not need to follow the steps given below. However, if your Windows does not install the drivers by itself, just try method two.

Method two: SPD drivers manual-installation (SCI Usb2Serial)

If the previous two methods fail to install Vcom and CDC drivers, you need to do it your self.

Step 1. First, Download SCI usb2serial driver

Step 2. Fellow video instructions in order to install SCI usb2serial driver manually.

Pro tips: If you get trouble installing preloader usb2serial drivers manually, what you should do, just uninstall the SCI usb2serial port from drivers manager. then connect your device in flash mode, quickly do right click on the yellow unknown drivers, the phone will be disconnected but don’t worry, complete installation as described in the video till the last step when add hardware windows pop-up, reconnect device in flash mode; quickly hit next. the SCI usb2serial driver will be set properly.

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