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Refund Policy

1.1 Gsm-Flash LTD allows you to request the cancellation of an unlock code or server order in the “Waiting” section on Gsm-Flash; if the cancellation request is received within ten minutes following your order, it may be instantly approved. If the request cannot be instantly approved, it will be seen as “Pending for approval” until Gsm-Flash LTD’s supplier accepts the cancellation request, or refuses it and delivers the unlock code or server order. It is Gsm-Flash LTD’s supplier sole discretion to accept or deny a cancellation request.

1.2 If you think you received the wrong unlock code or server code, you have 3 days following the delivery of your order to request, free or charge, the supplier to verify the code.

1.3 If, after the verification procedure has been launched, the code is the same as the first one, Gsm-Flash LTD will issue a refund of your order if you provide a video proof.

1.4 An information note may be presented to you on each product description, giving you special instructions for this particular product, including but not limited to, phone models or operators not to try to order. It is your responsibility to follow these particular rules. Gsm-Flash LTD will refuse any refund request if these rules have not been followed and you receive a wrong unlock code. Also refund policy may differ from one product to another, in this case it is highly recommended to read each product description carefully.

1.5 It is your responsibility to check if you are able to enter the code in the phone before ordering an unlock code or server code for this model. By ordering an unlock code or server service, you guarantee Gsm-Flash LTD that you know the correct procedure to enter this code; if you have any doubt, please ask first to before requesting a code or service as we can’t guarantee to always be able to get the code or service entry instructions.

1.6 Any refund claim, whether or not Video Proof is provided, must be made less than 10 days after the delivery date of the order. We will not investigate or refund any claims made after this period. Not that if you received your order correctly, no refund will be accepted.

1.7 We have no agreement to refund Server Credits that you receive correctly, using credits or not is not our issue. however you can ask for a refund from your account, go to order history then hit ask for a refund, we will treat refund request, but we wont guarantee anything since you get what you have paid for. 

1.8 Each Gift Cards are not transferable and cannot be exchanged with cash. The Gift Card is non-refundable, non-transferable, and not exchangeable.

1.9 You agree that all prices can change at any time without prior notice. Gsm-Flash LTD’s liability won’t be engaged as a price changes and you commit yourself not to ask a refund for this reason.

1.10 All the server credits bought on Gsm-Flash have seven months validity, starting from the date of the payment validation; when the expiration date is passed, unused credits will be automatically invalidated and no refund request will be accepted.

1.11 The advertised time frame of delivery of each service we promote is a simple indicator of the average turnaround of delivery for each service we provide. In our industry, you can and will most likely experience unusual delay from time to time depending on many factors that are not always under our control as we ultimately rely on the suppliers we’re working with, Gsm-Flash is only a marketplace. Once an order is overdue, we’ll start to accept cancellation requests that will be processed under the terms 12.1, which states that ultimately the decision of cancelling or not will be at the supplier sole discretion. However, if an order is overdue for more than 15 Business Days, Gsm-Flash will automatically reject the order and bear the loss.

1.12 If you have any difficult understanding refund policy do not hesitate to contact our support team

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