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How to fix Storage decrease on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Fix Internal Storage decrease after flash Samsung Galaxy Devices and tablets via Odin Flash-tool.

What is internal storage decrease?

Internal storage decrease or internal memory ROM decrease happens in Samsung galaxy smartphones and tablets, generally we can face two kind of decrease in storage:

  • Samsung Device memory after storage decrease, will show a low storage in settings comparing with the original storage capacity. For example if Set capacity is 32G, it will be changed to 16G instead of real storage.
  • User data storage (media, documents, Apps) decrease to lowest point, you will end with full memory without possibility to install new apps or stock any new media, but system will take all the remain storage. For example system takes 90% of total Rom, and will be no space for media or apps.

Why does storage decrease happen?

Storage decrease happens while flash or root Samsung device using Odin, the PIT file inside firmware differs from the phone PIT schematic, so it will cause memory issue. Or can be happen if you mess with ROM partition using third party app or software.

How to fix storage decrease issue?

Simply you can do that in two steps:

  1. Flash correct PIT File using Odin flash-tool.
  2. Factory reset Samsung Galaxy device.

What is Samsung PIT File?

PIT stands for Partition Information Table (PIT) and as the name suggests these are files which contain partition tables for your Samsung Galaxy Android phones. The Samsung PIT files contain all the relevant information for each required partition such as Partition Name, Block Size, Block Count, and other technical information. Every device has a different PIT file associated with its stock firmware. Hence a correct PIT file is needed in order to properly flash the stock firmware on your device. Also, if there are two models of a device, say 32 GB and 64 GB, then both will have a different PIT file and you cannot use the PIT of the former with the later or vice-versa.

Steps to fix storage decrease?

  1. Install Samsung Usb drivers.
  2. Download latest Odin Tool.
  3. Download the pit file according to your device model.
  4. Run Odin tool, Go the PIT tab, select the PIT file.
  5. Boot the device in download mode, the way to enter download mode differ from device to another check here.
  6. Hit the start button. pit file size is too small; flash operation will take 2 seconds.
  7. finally, reboot phone to recovery mode, do Factory reset.

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