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How to unlock Xiaomi Mi Bootloader

Unlock Xiaomi Mi bootloader using two different methods

what is Bootloader?

Bootloader is a program that starts whenever a device is powered on to activate the right operating system, similar to computer BIOS.

Bootloader is therefore not only a trait reserved for Android but also one that can find out all devices with an operating, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a PC, etc.

Why Xiaomi company locked device Bootloader?

Xiaomi lock the bootloader of Mi devices to prevent users from installing other custom rom or modify installed operation systemso.

Unlocking the bootloader allows you to install unauthorized software, this operation voids the warranty of your device; means Mi center can not assist you further more after unlocking bootloader.

What is the benefit of unlocked Bootloader?

It depends in which custom operation you want to from this list:

  • Install a custom recovery.
  • Root Xiaomi Mi device.
  • Edit BuildProp
  • Install custom ROM.
  • Convert Xiaomi china OS version to Global version.

How to unlock Bootloader?

Xiaomi Mi devices have become more secure; especially if a Mi account has been created for the phone you want to unlock; in this case you need an authentication account to complete the operation.

So you can do Bootloader unlock using Mi account, otherwise you can use Fastboot command to unlock it.

Before you start bootloader unlock, download Xiaomi Mi Fastboot driver

Method 1: Unlock Bootloader using an Mi account unlock tool

1-From phone Enable Developer options, then Go to Settings / Additional Settings / Developer Options – then enable these two options OEM Unlocking and USB debugging (ADB)

2-Connect to WiFi or Mobile Data, go to the developer option and then Mi unlock status. Now click add Mi account with device. Your device will ask for login. Now login to your Mi account; you can see a success message. If fail repeat steps.

3-Power off phone, press volume down and power button simultaneously, fastboot screen shows up.then plugin USB cable

4-Download and install the Mi Unlock app to PC, and sign in with your Mi Account (same as phone Mi account).

5-Press Unlock button, then follow software instructions.


6-After successfully unlocked, your device will take up to 3 minute to fully power on.

Method 2: Unlock Bootloader without Mi account authentication

  • This method works on Xiaomi Mi device which not attached to an Mi account; follow this steps:
  • Download and install Minimal Adb Fastboot
  • Boot phone to fastboot mode (volume down+power button)
  • Open tool, plugin phone
  • In command prompt write “fastboot devices” Press enter; to check if phone is connected
  • Now write “fastboot flashing unlock” then press enter
  • Finally write “fastboot flashing critical_unlock” Press enter.
  • Reboot phone manually by a long press on power button, or write “fastboot reboot system” Hit enter.
  • Now you successfully unlock bootloader.

Note: if fastboot method did not work for you, it means you have to proceed with the Xiaomi Mi Unlock tool

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