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CrossFire Card ZP Best price, reliable service

About CrossFire:

Crossfire is a 3D FPS game presented from Z8games with four game modes, including a unique ‘Ghost Mode’ where one team is nearly invisible but armed only with knives. When you buy Crossfire ZP, you will get new weapons and items and much more.

Service Features:

1- Very Powerful and strategic action game.

2- Varied game modes.

3- Players start with a lot of GP.

4-Short optional tutorial.

How To Use:

1-Search VPN for countries listed below

2-Order a ZP Cards

1-Login into your Z8games account.

4-Choose any of the countries listed in this page

2-Enter your (EPIN), then click “Submit”.


Important Notes:

Cards are provided by Onecard Store:

*CROSSFIRE ZP cards are for Middle East Region; If you want to top-up EPIN for other region use VPN then choose Egypt/Bahrain/Kuwait/Qatar/Oman/Morocco/Saudi Arabia/Tunisia/UAE from country list (we are not responsible in this case)

*Or let us top-up for you by giving us you login information (all your personal data are safe with us)




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