Forever Server Official 1 Year Subscription

$25.00 $17.00


Delivery Time: 1-6 Hours

Only for Forever internet

No refund under any condition

We are not responsible,

If server stop working before expired date, 

Want to be reseller?, Contact us.


Forever Server works on any satellite decoder has a Forever service installed inside

List of Some Satellite receiver decoder:

(Starsat, Geant, Bware, Magnum, Pinnacle, YTiger, Qmax, Tiger, Vizyon, Class, TigerStar, T-Link, SKYSAT, GiGaBlue, Next Ye, StarMax, Megasat, truman, JYNXBOX, ………….)


*Satellite decoder connected to internet and a Forever server inside.

How to order:

1-Make sure receiver system is up to data

2-Enter receiver Serial Number (SN),

3-Where to find SN, go to Settings/About or server info or STB/ SN

4-Enter SN in the field above.

5-Enter receiver name.

6-Order process will take 1-6 hours only on business hours.

7-After order is complete, just reboot receiver.

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