Gshare Server Official 1 Year Subscription

$30.00 $17.00


Delivery Time: 1-6 Hours

No refund under any condition

We are not responsible,

If server stop working before expired date,

Want be reseller?, Contact us.


Gshare Server works on any satellite decoder has a G-share service installed inside

Gshare & Gshare3 & Apollo4 / Apollo IPTV

List of Some Satellite receiver decoder:

(Starsat, Geant, Bware, Magnum, Pinnacle, YTiger, Qmax, Tiger, Vizyon, Class, TigerStar, T-Link, SKYSAT, GiGaBlue, Next Ye, StarMax, Megasat, truman, JYNXBOX, ………….)


*Satellite decoder connected to internet and a G-share server inside.

How to order:

1-Make sure receiver system is up to data

2-Enter receiver Serial Number (SN),

3-Where to find SN, go to Settings/About or server info or STB/ SN

4-Enter SN in the field above.

5-Enter receiver name.

6-Order process will take 1-6 hours only on business hours.

7-After order is complete, just reboot receiver.

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