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How to read SN from locked device?

Enter IMEI or Serial Number. Better with SN

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Huawei frp key by imei is an official solution to unlock factory reset protection lock.

If you want to know about one of services, contact our support

How to remove frp using frp key:

  1. Install huawei fastboot drivers
  2. Download Fastboot huawei frp tool
  3. Run FastbootET01.exe as administrator.
  4. Put Huawei device in fastboot (in most case: power phone off, press volume down and plug in usb cable).
  5. Open huawei frp tool, copy past frp key in FRP PWD Box, then hit FRP UNLOCK.
  6. All done, frp lock is removed, just start up your phone or tablets.

Follow Step by Step tutorial on how to use Huawei Frp Key

Note: No refund under any condition.

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*Huawei OS Firmwares For flash and restore

56 reviews for Huawei frp key

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    Review for Huawei frp key by imei
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    Works on p30 pro. I recommand this service

  8. GSM GEEKs

    Serious seller
    Happy to have business with you

  9. Melendez

    trusted shop

  10. Roxy

    Manage to unlock my Y9 Prime
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    Great service

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