Samkey TMO Samsung unlock code credit tool

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Delivery time: 1-6hours

Download Software From Here

Then Copy past fingerprint code inside software

Work with the same pc and software after getting user & password

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SamKey TMO Samsung is special software for Unlock:
T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Verizon, Sprint, locked SAMSUNG phones which do NOT ASKING FOR NETWORK UNLOCK CODE, and just Show Invalid SIM Card (APP UNLOCK)

Few Major Clarification:

Use only USB cable for unlock Qualcom phones you may require Rj45 for Exynos series phones

This solution makes Phone 100% PERMANENT UNLOCKED

Phone will remains UNLOCKED even if you upgrade firmware

Software will be locked on one pc with finger print

Software will work only when you have phone in hand (means usb sharing will not work)


1-Download TMO software From Here

2-Just Copy paste fingerprint code from tmo software to order tab above.

3-Purchase 1 TMO Credit for one samsung usa phone, we will send you a new samkey user name and password

4-Bear in mind that you have to use the same fingerpirnt with the username and password you already purchased.

5-unlock phone will not void warranty.

6-Press unlock then fellow software instruction.

List of supported models:

SM-J260A (Galaxy J2 Core – AT&T)
SM-J260AZ (Galaxy J2 Pure – Cricket)
SM-A600T (Galaxy A6 T-Mobile)
SM-A600T1 (Galaxy A6 Metro)
SM-J260T1 (Galaxy J2 Core – Metro)
SM-S357BL (Galaxy J3 Orbit)
SM-S757BL (Galaxy J7 Crown)
SM-N960U (Galaxy Note 9) T-Mobile/MetroPCS Only
SM-J337T (Galaxy J3 Star 2018)
SM-J737T (Galaxy J7 Star 2018)
SM-J737T1 (Galaxy J7 Star 2018)
SM-G960U (Galaxy S9 Sprint/Boost/T-Mobile/MetroPCS)
SM-G965U (Galaxy S9+ Sprint/Boost/T-Mobile/MetroPCS)
SM-J727P (J7 Perx) BIT3 (U3), BIT4 (U4) BIT5 (U5)
SM-J327P (J3 Emerge) BIT3 (U3), BIT4 (U4)
SM-J327T (J3 Prime T-Mobile)
SM-J327T1 (J3 Prime MetroPCS)
SM-J727T (Galaxy J7 Prime T-Mobile)
SM-J727T1 (Galaxy J7 Prime MetroPCS)
SM-S550TL (On5 )
SM-S337TL (J3 Luna Pro )
SM-S737TL (J7 Sky Pro )
SM-G360T (Galaxy Core Prime T-Mobile)
SM-G360T1 (Galaxy Core Prime MetroPCS)
SM-G530T (Galaxy Grand Prime T-Mobile)
SM-G530T1 (Galaxy Grand Prime MetroPCS)
SM-G950U (Galaxy S8 T-Mobile/Verizon/Sprint/…)
SM-G955U (Galaxy S8+ T-Mobile/Verizon/Sprint/…)
SM-G950U1 (Galaxy S8)
SM-G955U1 (Galaxy S8+)
SM-N950U (Galaxy Note8 T-Mobile/Verizon/Sprint/…)
SM-N950U1 (Galaxy Note8)
SM-G892U (Galaxy S8 Active)
SM-G930T (Galaxy S7 T-Mobile)
SM-G935T (Galaxy S7 edge T-Mobile)
SM-G930T1 (Galaxy S7 MetroPCS)
SM-G930P (Galaxy S7 Sprint)
SM-G935P (Galaxy S7 edge Sprint)
SM-G930V (Galaxy S7 Verizon)
SM-G930VL (Galaxy S7 )
SM-G935V (Galaxy S7 edge Verizon)
SM-N930T (Galaxy Note7 T-Mobile)
SM-N930T1 (Galaxy Note7 MetroPCS)
SM-N930V (Galaxy Note7 Verizon)
SM-N930P (Galaxy Note7 Sprint)
SM-N920P (Galaxy Note5 Sprint)
SM-G920P (Galaxy S6 Sprint)
SM-G925P (Galaxy S6 edge Sprint)
SM-G928P (Galaxy S6 edge+ Sprint)

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