Chimera Tool Pro License Activation

$150.00 $137.00


Delivery time: 1-12Hours

License Period: 1 Year

Authenticator (users with box)

Username (users without box)

Please respect username lower upper cases

No refund under any condition


Chimera Tool Pro 1 year license activation allow you to use all chimera features and fonctions

How to use:

  1. Open a new chimera account from here
  2. For Box holders, just order with SN
  3. for no box users, please order using Username (please respect Lower/Upper cases)
  4. 1 year license will be add to your account

Some Chimera Tool Features

  • Read phone informations
  • Read Sim-Lock profile
  • Read software component informations
  • Read bootrom information
  • Unlock phone by MEP unlock code
  • Software update without any installer
  • Fast online update to any vendor/provider/version (world first solution)
  • Nuke function for deep memory format