France SFR clean network unlock imei service

$20.00 $12.50


Delivery Time: 1-4 Days

Business days only

All Models are accepted expect iPhone




no refund for this service because codes are from sfr database

Refund available if code is not found

Use this service for all mobile brands, but do not ask code for old Nokia devices. For Nokia Microsoft & Android you can order without problem.

Why Unlock your phone?

Unlocking your pone will break the network restriction on your phone allowing it to be used on any network carrier. The method we offer here is simple. You just have to enter a few series of numbers in your cell phone to unlock it. There are many benefits of unlocking your phone like the freedom to choose any carrier, no more roaming charges, no expensive plans and no long-term contracts. After unlocking you are free to insert any SIM card in your phone.

Step by step to unlock your mobile

The unlocking involves the following steps:

  1. Retrieve the IMEI of your Nokia phone by simply typing *#06# on your phone.
  2. purchase unlock code, we will create an account automatically to track your order.
  3. Once you get your code; remove the current SIM card from your phone and replace it with a non-accepted one.
  4. Switch on the phone and when prompted, enter the unlock code.
  5. Now you unlock phone and it will accept any Sim card.

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