Sony Xperia network unlock (counter 0)

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Delivery Time : 1-24 Hours

No refund in case wrong IMEI


sony xperia network unlock is a great service to unlock network for xperia smartphones which not accept unlock code, because you consumed all the 10 attempt, network unlock counter will be X=0.

Sony Xperia network unlock (counter 0) Advantage: no need to check phone carrier, It support all the xperia devices no matter which network or region did you buy your phone from.

Requirements: Computer (pc), Usb cable, and your

Steps to unlock your sony xperia smartphones:

1-Start the phone without a simcard inside.

2-check if network counter equal 0, How to? Open Dialer, Tap *#*#7378423#*#*, then click “Service Info” and press “SIM Lock”. At the row called NETWORK, what number is here?
If the NETWORK row is followed by the number: 0 then you CANNOT unlock your Sony using unlock code, you need to use this service by usb.

3-Download Sony unlock tool from here

4-Order your user and password then enter them time you open sony unlock tool.

6-after you get your codes, you will receive order as follow Example pass: sonymZzcDP user: oVVstaYQ4H

7-remove simcard, then follow sony unlock tool software instructions, your phone will be unlocked within a minute.

Red me:

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