T-Unlock Credits (Samsung direct unlock by cable)



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T-Unlock Credits to unlock Samsung network unlock by cable for USA and Japan/Korean carriers, cheap service for great result.

USA & CANADA CARRIERS: AT&T/Cricket/MetroPCS/Sprint/TracFone/T-Mobile/Verizon/XFINITY/Boost/Virgin/ C Spire/US Cellular………..etc………

ASIA CARRIERS: KT Corporation/ LG Uplus/ SK Telecom and many more.

GLOBAL Versions are also supported.

How to unlock your device:

1-Download T-Unlock Software From official website.

2-Download Samsung USB Drivers.

3-Open software, enter purchased username and password.

4-Activate Adb Module (press 7 times build number(settings/about  phone/ build number), back to settings hit developer options, activate adb module), Or follow tutorial From Here.

5-Press unlock, follow software instruction


*List of supported models and carriers: (this list is just a reference; it can be changed in future)

See updated list on T-Unlock website

SCV37 (Note 8)Japan4
SCV36 (S8)Japan4
SCV35 (S8+)Japan4
SCV34 (Note 7)Japan4
SCV33 (S7 Edge)Japan4
SC-03H (S7 Edge)Japan4
SC-03J (S8+)Japan4
SC-02H (S7 Edge)Japan4
SC-02J (S8)Japan4
SC-01J (Note 7)Japan4
SC-01K (Note 8)Japan4
SM-S737TL (J7 Sky Pro)TracFone4
SM-S550TL (On5)TracFone4
SM-S337TL (J3 Luna Pro)TracFone4
SM-N960U (Note 9)MetroPCS/T-Mobile8
SM-N960U1 (Note 9)MetroPCS/T-Mobile8
SM-N9500 (Note 8 Duos)Global4
SM-N9508 (Note 8 Duos)Global4
SM-N950F (Note 8)Global4
SM-N950FD (Note 8)Global4
SM-N950N (Note 8)Korean4
SM-N950U (Note 8)AT&T/Cricket/MetroPCS/Sprint/TracFone/T-Mobile/Verizon/XFINITY4
SM-N950U1 (Note 8)AT&T/Cricket/MetroPCS/Sprint/TracFone/T-Mobile/Verizon/XFINITY4
SM-N950W (Note 8)Canada4
SM-N9300 (Note 7 Duos)Global4
SM-N930A (Note 7)AT&T4
SM-N930AZ (Note 7)Cricket4
SM-N930F (Note 7)Global2
SM-N930FD (Note 7)Global2
SM-N930K (Note 7)KT Corporation2
SM-N930L (Note 7)LG Uplus2
SM-N930P (Note 7)Boost/Sprint/Virgin4
SM-N930R4 (Note 7)US Cellular4
SM-N930R6 (Note 7)Unknown4
SM-N930R7 (Note 7)C Spire4
SM-N930S (Note 7)SK Telecom2
SM-N930T (Note 7)T-Mobile4
SM-N930T1 (Note 7)MetroPCS4
SM-N930V (Note 7)Verizon4
SM-N930W8 (Note 7)Canada4
SM-J727A (J7)AT&T2
SM-J727AZ (J7 Halo)Cricket2
SM-J727P (J7 Perx)Boost/Sprint/Virgin4
SM-J727S (J7 Pop)SK Telecom2
SM-J727T (J7 Prime)T-Mobile4
SM-J727T1 (J7 Prime)MetroPCS4
SM-J727U (J7)Cellular south2
SM-J727V (J7 V)Verizon4
SM-J727VPP (J7 Prime)Verizon4
SM-J610F (J6+)Global4
SM-J610FN (J6+)Global4
SM-J610G (J6+)Global4
SM-J610GN (J6+)Global4
SM-J500F (J5)Global2
SM-J500FN (J5)Global2
SM-J500G (J5)Global2
SM-J500H (J5)Global2
SM-J500M (J5)Global2
SM-J500N0 (J5)Korean2
SM-J500Y (J5)Global2
SM-J5007 (J5)Taiwan2
SM-J5008 (J5)China Mobile2
SM-J5009 (J5)Global2
SM-J415F (J4+)Global4
SM-J415FN (J4+)Global4
SM-J415G (J4+)Global4
SM-J415GN (J4+)Global4
SM-J327A (J3 Express Prime 2)AT&T2
SM-J327AZ (J3 Amp Prime 2)Cricket2
SM-J327T (J3 Prime)T-Mobile4
SM-J327T1 (J3 Prime)MetroPCS4
SM-J327U (J3)Global2
SM-J327V (J3 Eclipse)Verizon4
SM-J327VPP (J3 Mission)Verizon4
SM-J327W (J3)Canada2
SM-J326A (Sol 2)Cricket2
SM-J326AZ (Sol 2)Cricket2
SM-G965U (S9+)AT&T/Cricket/MetroPCS/Spectrum/Sprint/T-Mobile/Virgin/XFINITY8
SM-G965U1 (S9+)AT&T/Cricket/MetroPCS/Spectrum/Sprint/T-Mobile/Virgin/XFINITY8
SM-G960U (S9)AT&T/Cricket/MetroPCS/Spectrum/Sprint/T-Mobile/Virgin/XFINITY8
SM-G960U1 (S9)AT&T/Cricket/MetroPCS/Spectrum/Sprint/T-Mobile/Virgin/XFINITY8
SM-G9550 (S8+ Duos)Global4
SM-G9558 (S8+ Duos)Global4
SM-G955F (S8+)Global4
SM-G955FD (S8+)Global4
SM-G955N (S8+)Korean4
SM-G955U (S8+)AT&T/Cricket/MetroPCS/Sprint/TracFone/T-Mobile/Verizon/XFINITY4
SM-G955U1 (S8+)AT&T/Cricket/MetroPCS/Sprint/TracFone/T-Mobile/Verizon/XFINITY4
SM-G955W (S8+)Canada4
SM-G9500 (S8 Duos)Global4
SM-G9508 (S8 Duos)Global4
SM-G950F (S8)Global4
SM-G950FD (S8)Global4
SM-G950N (S8)Korean4
SM-G950U (S8)AT&T/Cricket/MetroPCS/Sprint/TracFone/T-Mobile/Verizon/XFINITY4
SM-G950U1 (S8)AT&T/Cricket/MetroPCS/Sprint/TracFone/T-Mobile/Verizon/XFINITY4
SM-G950W (S8)Canada4
SM-G891A (S7 Active)AT&T4
SM-G9350 (S7 edge Duos)Global4
SM-G935A (S7 Edge)AT&T4
SM-G935AZ (S7 Edge)Cricket4
SM-G935F (S7 Edge)Global2
SM-G935K (S7 Edge)KT Corporation2
SM-G935L (S7 Edge)LG Uplus2
SM-G935P (S7 Edge)Boost/Sprint/Virgin4
SM-G935R4 (S7 Edge)US Cellular4
SM-G935R6 (S7 Edge)Unknown4
SM-G935R7 (S7 Edge)C Spire4
SM-G935S (S7 Edge)SK Telecom2
SM-G935T (S7 Edge)T-Mobile4
SM-G935T1 (S7 Edge)MetroPCS4
SM-G935U (S7 Edge)Global4
SM-G935V (S7 Edge)Verizon4
SM-G935VL (S7 Edge)TracFone4
SM-G935W8 (S7 Edge)Canada2
SM-G935X (S7 Edge)Global2
SM-G9300 (S7 Duos)Global4
SM-G9308 (S7 Duos)Global4
SM-G930A (S7)AT&T4
SM-G930AZ (S7)Cricket4
SM-G930F (S7)Global2
SM-G930K (S7)KT Corporation2
SM-G930L (S7)LG Uplus2
SM-G930P (S7)Boost/Sprint/Virgin4
SM-G930S (S7)SK Telecom2
SM-G930R4 (S7)US Cellular4
SM-G930R6 (S7)Unknown4
SM-G930R7 (S7)C Spire4
SM-G930T (S7)T-Mobile4
SM-G930T1 (S7)MetroPCS4
SM-G930U (S7)Global4
SM-G930V (S7)Verizon4
SM-G930VL (S7)TracFone4
SM-G930W8 (S7)Canada2
SM-G930X (S7)Global2
SM-G892A (S8 Active)AT&T4
SM-G892U (S8 Active)MetroPCS/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon4
SM-G530T (Grand Prime)T-Mobile2
SM-G530T1 (Grand Prime)MetroPCS2
SM-G360T (Core Prime)T-Mobile2
SM-G360T1 (Core Prime)MetroPCS2
SM-A530F (A8 2018)Global4
SM-A530FD (A8 2018)Global4
SM-A530N (A8 2018)Korean4
SM-A530W (A8 2018)Canada4
SM-A520F (A5 2017)Global4
SM-A520FD (A5 2017)Global4
SM-A520K (A5 2017)KT Corporation4
SM-A520L (A5 2017)LG Uplus4
SM-A520S (A5 2017)SK Telecom4
SM-A520W (A5 2017)Canada4
SM-A510F (A5 2016)Global2
SM-A510FD (A5 2016)Global2
SM-A510M (A5 2016)Global2
SM-A510MD (A5 2016)Global2
SM-A510K (A5 2016)KT Corporation2
SM-A510L (A5 2016)LG Uplus2
SM-A510S (A5 2016)SK Telecom2
SM-A510Y (A5 2016)Global2
SM-A510YD (A5 2016)Global2

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